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Financial Literacy

Pave a path toward a secure financial future.

Let our Financial Learning Center help you meet each financial stage of your life with knowledge and confidence.

Financial literacy begins with a solid understanding of key financial concepts such as mortgages, financing higher education, credit cards, credit scores, overdrafts and much more.

Through your local organization and Amalgamated Bank of Chicago (ABOC), you can gain access to our Financial Learning Center, an interactive online educational money management program that explains these critical concepts in a series of 10-minute topic modules. There are helpful quizzes to demonstrate your newly acquired knowledge.

For nearly a century, ABOC has been committed to providing practical banking solutions and financial tools to working class communities.

To learn more about how to bring the Financial Learning Center to your organization, contact your banker today. Don't yet have a banker? Click here and let us introduce ourselves.

Additional Resources

76% of adults live paycheck-to-paycheck and 33% of employees are distracted by their finances at work. The more secure you are in your finances the safer you'll be on the job site. Gain the knowledge to answer basic questions for yourself and to ask the important questions when working to build your financial future. Click here to access the ABOC Financial Literacy Program.

In addition to the Financial Learning Center for organizations, click here for Practical Money Skills For Life, a teacher tested and approved financial literacy curriculum developed by Visa, Inc.